• Full of flavor, no chemical additives.
  • Organic wines
  • Always directly from the winemaker.
Inspiratibox viavina met de groene hamersma aanbeveling


  • fris & fruitig
In our inspiration box, you'll find our first 6 unique viaVIÑA wines. In total, there are 3 white wines, a rosé, and two red wines. There are certainly some future favorites among them. Who knows, maybe all of them! And you'll receive the bottles at home in an exclusive Dutch Design Wine Chair worth €24.95! This chair can be reused as a stool or as a wine rack! Cheers and enjoy!

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  • 2021
  • Spain & France - Valencia & Rhone
  • 12 - 13 %
  • Aperitife & Diner
  • 8 - 18 °C
ViaVIÑA wines always have around 70 calories per glass, often less! With other wines, that can easily be 20% or more higher. That's why our fit wines also fit within a healthy lifestyle, although it's always about enjoying consciously and in moderation!
Our wines have no added sugars. On average, a glass of white wine contains 2 to 6 grams of sugar. Sugar is also used to mask flavor flaws or enhance taste. We select our winegrowers based on the 'optimal dry fermentation' so that all sugars are converted into alcohol. And our farmers harvest the grapes at the best moment: when the grapes have the optimal amount of sun and therefore flavor!
Our wine contains an average of 80 ppm per 100ml, whereas regular wine contains 200 ppm. White wines typically have more sulfites than red wines. Sulfite is a preservative that contributes to a fresh taste and prolongs the shelf life of the wine. We do not add sulfites to the wine, which keeps our levels low but not at zero. Because make no mistake; sulfite also occurs naturally during fermentation. Because we work super cleanly and process pure whole grapes, hand-picked, we don't need to add any additional preservatives.
All viaVIÑA wines are organically made, meaning there are no chemical residues to be found in the wine. We don't use them, so it's straightforward. Our method of cultivation - organic, sustainable viticulture - harnesses the power of nature.
Waarde viaVINA Fair
ViaVIÑA exclusively operates under Fair Trade principles. We consciously choose a holistic approach to our work. We aim for all elements of the chain to thrive, as everything is interconnected. Our goal is to produce excellent wines at fair prices, in collaboration with happy employees and farmers, in healthy, flourishing vineyards, full of insects and soil life.
At ViaVIÑA, we place great value on producing our wines in a holistic manner, recognizing that everything is interconnected. When you look at the ViaVIÑA vineyards from a distance, they are green with colorful flowers, buzzing with insects and soil life. With great passion, we ensure that nature can thrive in and around the vineyards.
Every viaVIÑA wine is vegan-friendly. In our clarification process, we use a fine clay called bentonite, which is a perfect alternative to animal proteins and leaves the pure taste of the wine unaffected. All grapes come from organic farming, the winemaking process is 100% organic, and no animal elements are involved.

Tasting tip

Build your tasting according to flavor intensity. From light and fresh white wine to full-bodied and spicy red. Start with the Walk in the Woods Sauvignon Blanc, then Beautiful Breeze Vermentino & Grenache, Walk in the Woods Chardonnay & Moscatel, then the Beautiful Breeze rosé, moving on to the elegant Beautiful Breeze Pinot Noir, and finishing with the full-bodied and slightly spicy Walk in the Woods Bobal! Cheers and enjoy!

Nutritional values 100ml

  • 70
  • 0 g
  • <1 g
  • 80 PPM / 0,008 g
  • 0 g
  • 12% - 13%

Wine's path

Our vineyards are nestled amidst natural reserves, gleaming in the sun. The grapes have absorbed the taste of the environment through their roots. Let yourself be surprised by intense and surprising flavors of herbs, flowers, and the sea.


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