• Full of flavor, no chemical additives.
  • Organic wines
  • Always directly from the winemaker.

ViaVIÑA guarantee

Every sip of wine meets our 7 viaVIÑA guarantees. viaVIÑA represents the journey of the wine, and we know exactly which path the grape has traveled; from the vines at the farmer to your glass. Our organic, natural wines have 100% flavor and 0% unnecessary sugars, chemical agents, or unwanted additives. Fit for a healthy, conscious lifestyle, we also call them fitwines. Moreover, they are made with respect for nature, which brings joy!

We choose transparency and therefore tell you exactly what is and isn’t in our wine according to our 7 guarantees.

viaVIÑA wines always have around 70 calories per glass, often even less! With other wines, that can easily be 20% or more higher. That's why our fitwines also fit within a healthy lifestyle, although it's always about enjoying consciously and mindfully!
Our wines have no added sugars. On average, a glass of white wine contains 2 to 6 grams of sugar. Sugar is also used to mask flavor defects or enhance taste. We select our winegrowers based on the "optimal dry fermentation" so that all sugars are converted into alcohol. And our farmers harvest the grapes at the best moment: when the grape has the optimal amount of sun and therefore flavor!
Our wine contains an average of 80 ppm per 100ml, whereas regular wine contains 200 ppm. White wines typically have more sulfites than red wines. Sulfites are a preservative that help maintain a fresh flavor and extend the shelf life of the wine. We do not add sulfites to our wine, which keeps our levels low but not at zero. It's important to note that sulfites also occur naturally during fermentation. Because we work in a super clean environment and process pure, whole, hand-picked grapes, we don't need to add extra preservatives.
All viaVIÑA wines are made organically, meaning there are no chemical residues to be found in the wine. We simply don't use them. Our method of cultivation - organic, sustainable viticulture - relies on nature.
Waarde viaVINA Fair
ViaVIÑA exclusively practices Fair Trade. We consciously choose a holistic approach to our work. We want every element of the chain to be done well, as everything is interconnected. We aim to create beautiful wines at a fair price, in collaboration with happy employees and farmers, in healthy, flourishing vineyards, full of insects and soil life.
Everything is interconnected, and that's why at ViaVIÑA, we place great value on producing our wines in a holistic manner. When you look at the ViaVIÑA vineyards from a distance, they are green with colorful flowers. They buzz with insects and soil life. With great passion, we ensure that nature can thrive in and around the vineyards.
ViaVIÑA wines are all vegan-friendly. In the clarification process, we use a fine clay called bentonite. Bentonite serves as a perfect substitute for animal proteins and preserves the pure taste of the wine. All grapes come from organic cultivation, and the winemaking process is 100% organic, with no involvement of animal elements.

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