• Full of flavor, no chemical additives.
  • Organic wines
  • Always directly from the winemaker.

viaVIÑA completely transparent and honestly crafted

We are viaVIÑA! Literally, this means: the path of the vine. We create delightful, honest, and above all, truly natural wines. We are fully aware of the journey these wines have taken, from the vines at the farmer’s field to the wine at your home. 100% organic with 100% flavor, without added sugars, chemical additives, or unwanted extras, and also much lower in calories. That’s something to be happy about! We aim to be completely transparent, so every sip of wine must adhere to our 7 guarantees.

Our viaVIÑA wines

We are incredibly proud of our range of pure organic wines; unadulterated taste without added sugar and sulfites, filled with love and craftsmanship from the creators. Wines to be enjoyed together. Taste it for yourself, this is how good wine can be...
Inspiratiebox met Dutch Design WineChair


Would you like to try a different wine and be pleasantly surprised? Then the viaVIÑA Inspiration Box is perfect for you. In our box, you’ll find our initial selection of 6 unique viaVIÑA wines! This includes a total of 3 whites, one rosé, and two red wines. There are certainly a few future favorites for you!

Three times a year, we curate a box with 6 bottles of wine that complement the season, along with information about the wines and a delightful gift. An inspiring gift for yourself or to pleasantly surprise someone else.

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Proosten met wijn in de zon

The New Wine Standard

Living consciously is becoming increasingly natural for us. We are aware of what we eat and drink, understanding the impact of certain foods on our health. We know the ingredients, monitor sugar intake, and ensure we get enough exercise. This awareness has now extended to the wine aisle. However, the list of ingredients there is quite short and to the point: grape juice.

In our blog, we explain the details about calories, sugar, and sulfites in wine. We discuss why organic wine is truly a better choice, how viaVIÑA wines are always vegan, and why viaVIÑA values biodiversity and fair trade.

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