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Walk in the Woods witte wijn label Chardonnay & Moscatel

Walk in the Woods White – Chardonnay & Moscatel – Organic

  • Smooth & round
The aroma of this white Walk in the Woods wine from Spain evokes wildflowers after a sunny day. On the palate, you'll find ripe tropical fruit with hints of sweet honey and floral spiciness. Enjoy this intense and sultry wine at any moment. De groene Hamersma aanbeveling

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  • 2022
  • Spain - Valencia
  • 12%
  • Aperitive &diner
  • 8-10 °C
Proosten met witte wijn
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Our delightful Chardonnay contains 61 calories, whereas a regular wine often has over 100 calories. These calories are calculated by the Spanish institute that chemically analyzes every wine. Only after strict control can the wine be officially released to the market. Because there is no sugar (and carbohydrates) in the wine, the calories are much lower! Alcohol also contributes to calories but carries the flavor of the wine. Because we also prioritize taste, we have sought a good balance between no sugar, a limited alcohol percentage, and full flavor. Otherwise, the wine wouldn't be wine anymore. And wine should be enjoyed consciously!
The wine undergoes complete fermentation, so all the sugar is converted into alcohol. The grapes are harvested at just the right time to ensure that the sugar content is not too high, and consequently, the alcohol level is not too high when all the sugars are fermented.
Our wine contains 80 ppm (parts per million) of sulfites, whereas regular wine contains 200 ppm. White wines typically have more sulfites than red wines because red wines contain tannins from the red skins, which also act as preservatives. Since we work very cleanly and process pure, whole, hand-picked grapes, we can maintain a clean process. Therefore, we do not need additional preservatives (i.e., sulfites). Our wines require less than half the amount of sulfites typically used.
This wine is made organically, meaning there are no chemical residues in the wine. The grape clusters are processed within an hour in the wine cellars, preventing wild fermentation and eliminating the need for further stabilization or removal of bacteria. It's pure nature in the bottle.
Waarde viaVINA Fair
ViaVIÑA is founded on Fairtrade and True Pricing principles; it's in our DNA. The price you pay for our wine is completely transparent - no hidden costs and no unpleasant aftertaste, just a contribution to a better future for people and the environment.
The vineyards in Valencia are situated in the midst of a natural reserve, partly managed by Bodegas Nodus. Their extensive estate spanning 600 hectares seamlessly integrates with nature. We call this 'integrated agriculture,' where great care is taken for the environment. It is an officially designated Natura 2000 area by the European Union: Parque Natural de las Hoces del Cabriel. The wine is literally PURE nature!
The wines are clarified using bentonite, a very fine clay. This filters the wine and ensures that all cloudy particles settle down. Sometimes this process is done using (pork) gelatine or egg white. But with us, it's done with a pure product straight from nature.

Wine fact

The vineyards where the Walk in the Woods Chardonnay and Moscatel grapevines are planted are truly nestled amidst the forests at 1200 meters altitude. This creates a significant temperature difference between day and night, resulting in wines that are not high in alcohol but are intense in flavor. The vines root deeply and absorb the flavors from the surrounding environment! That hint of rosemary and honeyed blossoms… can’t you smell and taste them in this wine?

Nutritional values 100ml

  • 61
  • 0 g
  • <1 g
  • 0,008 g
  • 0 g
  • 12
Walk in the Woods wijngaard

Wine's path

Surrounded by vast expanses of pristine forests, our vineyards bask in the sunlight. White and red soils nurture robust vines that yield luscious, intense grapes, absorbing the essence of their surroundings through their roots. Intense and full-bodied, with delightful hints of the wild flavors of the forest and the herbs lining the vineyard. It’s bound to result in exceptional wine!

Tajine voor bij de wijn

Wine pairing

This Walk in the Woods wine pairs beautifully with light dishes featuring intense and savory flavors, such as sushi, mezze, tajine, and curry. Enjoy this more intense wine at any moment, whether you’re unwinding or ready to celebrate!