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Sparkling Sky – Cava Reserva – Organic

  • fresh
  • fruity & soft
The aroma of this organic Cava Reserva evokes the sensation of a fresh lemon tart with a hint of white chocolate... delightfully crisp yet soft. Flavorful, sparkling, and enticing. Transport yourself to Barcelona under a sparkling sky... with a sea breeze nearby. The grapes used for this Cava are Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarello. Cava Reserva is crafted using the same 'méthode traditionnelle' as Champagne. This means the wine undergoes a second fermentation and matures for 18 months, imparting that delightful refined bubble. Cheers! De groene Hamersma aanbeveling  

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  • 2023
  • Spain - Comtat de Barcelona, Penedes
  • 12%
  • Drinks & Dessert
  • 8-10 °C
Cava reserva Sparkling Sky
This pure Cava Reserva contains only 66.5 Kcal, whereas a regular Cava often has more than 85 Kcal per 100 ml. We have used the Decanter method to calculate the calories. The drier the Cava, the fewer the calories. Because there is no sugar (and carbohydrates) in the wine, the calories are much lower! Alcohol also contributes to calories, but it also carries the flavor of the wine. Because we also stand for 'delicious,' we have sought a good balance between no sugar, limited alcohol, and full flavor. You can enjoy this mindfully!
Cava is always fully fermented dry, and then usually sugar water is added to flavor the Cava. With this Cava Reserva, that's not necessary. Due to the super old vines and long aging in the cellar, this Cava has a beautiful palette on its own!
Our Cava Reserva has <50 ppm of sulfites, whereas regular Cava could easily be double that amount. This is due in part to the second fermentation in the bottle (Méthode Traditionnelle), which is used to produce the bubbles, and this method requires less addition of sulfites.
For decades, this winemaker family has been producing their famous Cavas with the philosophy that balance and harmony with nature yield the best results. Organic stands for quality and respect for Mother Nature. The balance between healthy crops, organic cultivation, and optimal ripeness is crucial.
Waarde viaVINA Fair
Fair Trade in this case is driven by the fact that the winemaker must be paid fairly to ensure good wages for his people and proper care of his land. Working organically requires extra effort and certainly more knowledge and manpower. Also, the yields in this area per vine are much smaller to produce truly intense, pure wines. All of this should be appreciated. The vineyard workers have been employed by the family business for years, ensuring them a sustainable income. We only work based on this principle!
The vineyards overlook the sea, with the lights of Barcelona twinkling in the distance. The vineyards are old and maintained with a lot of love. Old vines produce fewer grapes, and the vineyard is not as densely planted as non-organic vineyards, but this benefits the quality, and of course, you can see it too because there is much more space for all the flowers, bees, and other happy animals.
Cava is a wine where the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, creating bubbles that cannot escape. Before this happens, the wine must be clarified, and with our organic Cava Reserva, this is done without the use of animal products, but instead with bentonite clay.

Wine Fact

Cava Reserva is becoming increasingly difficult to produce. The vineyards must be over 30 years old, and the Cava must mature for at least 18 months! Cava translates loosely from Catalan as ‘cellar,’ the place where these sparkling wines are given time to mature. For this Cava, grapes from very old vineyards are used. After harvesting, there is a very slow pressing and fermentation at low temperatures in stainless steel tanks. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, where the wine matures for about 18-20 months, which is longer than many Champagnes.

Nutritional values 100ml

  • 66,5
  • 0 g
  • <1 g
  • 0,005 g
  • 0 g
  • 12

Wine pairing

This Cava Reserva is meant to be enjoyed at any moment. Whether surrounded by loved ones or to celebrate the day, it always brings a sparkling sensation. So, enjoy this Cava Reserva whenever you desire. With tasty tapas, alongside sorbet or pastries, or simply to toast! Cheers and sparkle!